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silk paintings

Colour, light and shimmering texture are the elements that attracted Deborah to hand-painted silk more than 25 years ago. Silk painting is a challenging medium which involves a multi-step process. It starts with a piece of plain, white silk which is washed and then stretched over a frame. After drawing an outline on the silk using water-based "resist" (emulsified wax), colour dyes are delicately applied by brush. A variety of techniques are used to add textural effects and nuances of shading. Each piece is then steam-processed to set the dyes, then rinsed, ironed, stretched, and framed.

An element of whimsy is prevalent in many of Deborah's silk paintings while others reflect a more serious, painterly approach. All of her works encompass of the looseness of the medium, its vibrant colours and the artist's own connection with her subject matter.

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