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"I know I said thank you, but I just wanted to say that I enjoy looking at Ben's picture every day and as much as he is in my heart, you gave me a gift of your talent as an artist. I appreciate that you captured him. You're truly gifted. Thank you again."- B.J.  
"Innes' portrait is marvellous, fantastic and captures him to a T, says my wife. Innes is currently stretched sleeping on the floor in front of a couch while his perky portrait is ensconced in an easy chair a few feet away where we can admire him while thinking where his portrait will be hung!" —R.S.


"[My husband] was wonderfully surprised and could not say enough about the portrait - "that's Kramer" was his comment. It is now (proudly) hanging in our dining area. You have been blessed with this talent to share with others, you are a true blessing to so many. Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, we are glad you came into our lives.
"We are the very lucky owners of this beautiful portrait of my boy Jazz, who is my heart dog! Deborah completely captured his essence and spirit with this beautiful work of art. I was moved to tears when I first saw took my breath away, literally! Thank you and again, Deborah, we will treasure our Jazz portrait forever." —H.R.

"The first thing [my wife] said was, "How did you get it in with out me seeing it? How did she see the horse?" this after she kept saying, “Is that my horse – that’s my horse!” I think we were successful. Thanks again so much!" —C.M.

"I commissioned Deborah to do a silk painting for me during an emotional and transitional time in my life. I retired after 35 years as a classroom teacher, and one of my closest companions (my calico cat Ginger) passed away at 18 years of age. Having lived near Deborah and having attended a number of her art shows, I was drawn in by her colourful, whimsical silk paintings and her detailed, lifelike coloured pencil drawings. The inspiration for my silk painting was the four cats I had cared for throughout my life. When I first visited Deborah at her home studio, I felt very comfortable and relaxed and Deborah listened very carefully as I described my personal vision. She took notes and we collaborated about the essence of the painting. I was able to see a first draft and was immediately moved by how accurately Deborah had captured the personality and physical beauty of each cat. From beginning to end, Deborah was approachable, kind and caring. Not only is she a skilled and talented artist but her paintings reflect her special intuition. My treasured silk painting is now hung in a place where I can admire it often and reflect on many happy memories. Sincere thanks Deborah!" — S.D.

"I'm fortunate to have four original pieces of art by Deborah Strong - a coloured pencil portrait of a beloved dog, and three silk paintings of birds. Deborah's precision in her portraits is amazing, and her silks are full of life and colour. Her art reflects her love of animals, nature and wildlife. Deborah is also a patient and skilled instructor at her silk painting courses. I look forward to my next purchase from this talented artist." —S.B.
"I want thank you again for doing such a wonderful job on Butchy-boy. You have captured the look in his eyes and the happy-but-I'm-kind-of-scared look on his face so perfectly."