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silk birds

Birds are the wildlife with which we most closely share our lives, having adapted to the most urban of settings. Since childhood Deborah has had a keen interest in observing birds, and as an artist she finds that silk painting is an exceptional medium for depicting them in their natural habitats. The lustre of the silk mimics the sheen of feathers, and the vivid dyes capture the energy of these lively creatures.


Barnacle Bed (Pacific Oystercatcher)
Hand-painted silk; Image size 16"x20"

At Campbell Point on Mayne Island I often see oystercatchers, particularly through the fall and winter when they flock together. This bird looked quite comfortable nestled among rocks, barnacles and seaweed while flock members foraged nearby.

Available - contact the artist


Dune Walker
Hand-painted silk; Image size 8"x13"

I observed this charming shorebird foraging after a storm on a dune-like beach near Barra de Navidad.

Available - contact the artist


Hand-painted silk; Image size 14"x30"

In the pecking order of birds, eagles might be at the apex but that doesn't stop crows from making life miserable for one who wanders into their nesting territory. Intelligent team players, crows understand the value of a coordinated effort!

Available - contact the artist

The Talisman (Raven)
Hand-painted silk; Image size 15"x15"

When I spend time in the Gulf Islands, ravens are my constant companions. They roost in the trees high above, muttering and calling to one another. During the season of abundant fruit, they feast!

Limited edition prints available - contact the artist

Urban Flock II: More Mallards
Hand-painted silk; Image size 15"x30"

In our local parks flocks of wild mallards become habituated to our generous hand-outs of food and crumbs, and greet us with enthusiasm. I enjoy observing them jostle around my feet, creating intriguing formations of colour and motion.

Available - contact the artist

Black-capped Chickadee
Hand-painted silk; Image size 5"x7.5"

A favourite little songbird, their cheerful song can be heard year round. They have staked out ownership of my bird feeding station!

Available - contact the artist



Winter Wren
Hand-painted silk; Image size 5"x7.5"

This little Winter Wren (aka Pacific Wren) is simply bursting with song as he alerts all other forest dwellers to his presence.

Available - contact the artist



Blue Heron
Hand-painted silk; Image size: 13"x19"

This great blue heron was observed fishing patiently just off shore on Vancouver Island, where colourful starfish can be observed clinging to the rocks.

Original available - contact the artist



Harbinger of Spring: Red-winged Blackbird
Hand-painted silk; Image size: 12"x20"

I love to walk my dog at a local park that's a mixture of woodland, marshes, ponds and fields that were once part of a large farm. The only visible remnants of the farm are the remains of old barbed-wire fences. Early in the spring, the red-winged blackbirds arrive, one of the first migrant species, and the males declare their territories often from the vantage point of a handy fencepost. Their distinctive call never fails to lift my spirits because I know that spring is on the way.

Original available - contact the artist

silk wildlife

Wild creatures are elusive beings, but lucky sightings of deer, marine mammals and others provide inspirational moments!

Wolf Ridge
Hand-painted silk;

I have always envisioned, in my mind's eye, the sight of a wolf on a distant, snowy hill and hoped that one day I would observe such a scene. While this painting is not based on my own actual experience, it fulfills that vision.

Available - contact the artist


Young Buck & Brambles
Hand-painted silk; Image size 17"x23"

This handsome young fellow was spotted in the pasture of a friend's home in a nearby rural community in the Fraser Valley. It is late summer and the last blush of green foliage will soon be fading to brown and amber. He posed gracefully for a moment before slipping away into the undergrowth.

Original available - contact the artist


The Sound of Silence (Strathcona Park)
Hand-painted silk; Image size: 15"x19"

Vancouver Island's Stratchcona Park is an idyllic place, and the Paradise Meadows hiking trail offers visitors an easy glimpse of gorgeous wilderness. It is home to a variety of wildlife including cheeky grey jays who swoop down boldly for picnic crumbs, chubby black bears who, with luck, can be seen gorging themselves on berries, and deer such as this one posing gracefully by the shore of Lake Helen McKenzie.

Original available - contact the artist

Silk paintings of birds observed in Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, and other countries.